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A Journey Out of the Occult

Come on an extraordinary journey of courage and grace and witness the transformation of a life from destruction to overflowing joy. Angie’s true story is inspiring and challenging and both warns of the dangers of the occult and shows that there is a way out.

About Angie

Angie is a passionate communicator. She shares honestly and vulnerably, the truth about her experiences in the New Age as well as her ultimate and permanent exit out of the occult; it was a journey that nearly cost her life.

Angie’s vision for Courage over Adversity is to share important and valuable insight and knowledge giving the reader understanding into the New Age Movement, the occult. She exposes the modalities that lie within the New Age culture.

She believes it is important for us to understand in order to be able to support people that are trapped in the dark realms of spiritually. Many people today are genuinely searching for spiritual enlightenment; however unaware of the dangers of opening themselves up to New Age Practices.

Today many lay in psychiatric wards, trapped, trapped by the powers of hell, because they have opened doors into the realms of darkness. This book holds the keys to see them set free.

About Transforming Books

The vision of Transforming Books publishing house is to produce quality Christian content that reflects God’s heart for the transformation of His children. Courage Over Adversity is its first release.